Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Dive Bar - Kannapolis, NC

This one is from a guest contributor, thanks Ruth.


609 N. Enochville Ave., Kannapolis, NC, 28081
(704) 938-2613

This place is an enigma. It can be found no where on the internet with the exception of the yellow pages. That may make it the "diviest" place on this board. A true local haunt. I have not been there personally but it was recommended to my friend by the local VFW and let me tell you, Veterans can find the GREATEST DIVES!!! Below is her review. I can't wait to try this place:

"Now this is place is a true dive, frequented by the locals, but be warned the place is a dump, but colorful to say the least. $2.00 to $2.25 for a cold beer. All the locals know the White Oak. My hubby and I have been there once together, but he has went more times alone. Its too sleezely and run down for me. LOL! Bathrooms are scary small."

Now if that doesn't sound like a true dive, I don't know what does. ROAD TRIP!!

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  1. Ive been there before but it was years ago. It was owned by someone else back then. His name was Fred. It was on a Sunday afternoon and everyone was watching a NASCAR race on their TV. The owner was outside on the back deck grilling free food for everyone. Yes its a dive but the day I was there everyone was very friendly and neighborly.