Monday, June 20, 2011

Gettin Divey in Chicago

The Cove ...the quintessential dive bar in South Chicago. Located in beloved Hyde Park at the intersection of 55th and Everett, The Cove serves mostly locals and wanna be locals cold beers and cheap liqueur drinks almost anytime of the day. A diverse mix of cultures and down to earth people make The Cove the most unique spot to grab a beer in feel at home, regardless of your origin. The atmosphere is unbeatable and the people are great. The only place I have experienced where the bartenders drink just as much as the patrons. I love it! Some of the strongest drinks I have ever experienced...just ask for Allen. If you are ever in Chicago, The Cove is the place to be. - Write up courtesy of Mr. Hilton, another Dive Bar aficionado.

I haven't personally visited this bar but the link was sent to me, and I must say I am impressed. If you don't believe me look up reviews of the place. The Old Town Ale House is located across from Second City (and yes the performers have been known to party there) at 219 West North Avenue. From the reviews and pictures at the web site it is obvious that this is a historic dive ripe for debauchery. Don't go if you are easily offended or put off by nudes. There are several paintings of nude political figures on the walls painted by a local artist. The regulars have been immortalized in a mural on the wall. If I lived there, I would so go every day just to be included. Some notes I hear the beer is reasonable price wise but the liquor drinks are expensive. Some nights they have live jazz which I have heard raves about. CASH ONLY, ATM on location.

If you go, send me some pics and give me your review. I will post it here.

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