Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Dive Bars - Inner Harbor Baltimore, MD

1919 WINS as the greatest Dive in the Inner Harbor/Fells Point area of Baltimore.
1919, named after it's street address on Fleet St. This place is where all the locals go to drink cheap, genero beer. The newspaper showed up while we are there as they were being nominated for best dive bar. If you are looking for something that isn't a generic beer, grab a Natty Bo (the local beer). This place was dark, decorated with pictures EVERYWHERE and a strobe and a Gothic chandelier. They also serve slimjims and chips. What more could you want?

The Bar
located at 1718 Lancaster St is a great little hole in the wall. It's basic decor is brick and flags. There are TV's to watch the Ravens game or tennis as we stumbled upon. Good drink prices and the bartenders have character. Just don't call the bar a dive while they are around. You wouldn't like them when they are angry!

The Warf Rat
801 South Ann Street
This place has some of the friendliest bartenders. It's decorations resemble what you might find if Blackbeard had been around to loot the Titanic. It's creepy/classy nautical. I wasn't sure of this bar's dive status until I visited the restroom. I returned and promptly told my fellow drunks, a fat girl couldn't go in there. It is one of the tiniest, diviest, bathrooms I've ever been it. Don't be skert, embrace the dive!

The Sidebar, is a little farther away from fells point, is located at 218 E. Lexington Street. It's famous for being featured in the Wire during the wake scene. Mostly, though, it's a dank dark basement where Judges and Attorneys go to drink after work. The prices are great! Go at 5 on a weekday if you really want to experience something weird, high faluting attorneys drinking in a punk club!

Special shout out to J.A. Murphy's. Not a dive, but a great bar with great people. While you are there, spin the wheel!!

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