Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Dives in San Antonio, TX

We visited San Antonio for Fiesta this year. My friend and tour guide Ezz took us to some great places including the Mad Boar and the Flying Saucer and several bars. Two were great dives that really stood out in my mind and they are as follows.

OAK HILLS TAVERN - This was the best dive of the night. Cheap drinks, an eclectic atmosphere, a potentially scary bathroom and a seedy outdoors area. Perfect. The bartenders were unique, and by unique I mean smartasses, but I like a good smartass so it all worked out. Word of caution! They have very few parking spots so if you can't find one go in and ask where to park. DO NOT PARK IN THE SHOPPING CENTER NEXT DOOR!!! You will get towed. They patrol that parking lot like crazy and it is over $200 to get your car out! Their website:

EL TENAMPA BAR - This bar is a dive in EVERY sense of the word. There is original art work on the walls, pool tables and a dance area. It has been in business for 54 years, and looks it. It has a great down home feel and the owners were more than amused with our drunken antics. Great prices, great atmosphere, GREAT DIVE BAR!!!

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